Stoned Ideas Gone Too Far #1

We all know people come up with the stupidest shit when they are baked. Sometimes, these people make their ideas a reality, with often hilarious consequences. These are there stories.

#1 The guy who did some donuts on the jail lawn – TWICE in two weeks. In broad daylight. I’m sure he was laughing his ass off. Read the full story here.

#2 The dude in Nevada who bought some land in the middle of nowhere and thought it would be cool to make his own sovereign nation. He also basically admits it’s not going to work and he’s wasting everyone’s time. He’s got a robot sentry at his “border” and passports for “residents.” Read the full story here.




#3 Ft. Myers – Woman calls 911 on her weed dealer because she was shorted some buds. She probably forgot that she smoked them? Anyway, she got so high she thought it’d be a good idea to call the cops. They arrested her for possesion, of course. They don’t go for this kind of thing in F-L-A. Here’s the straight dope from Huffington Post.




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