The N.S.A. Has Seen Your Duck Face

mind-blowing-facts_1400773998I’m not surprised the N.S.A. is collecting internet images of suspected terrorists. In the process of collecting said images, they’ve probably seen your latest drunken photobomb. They’ll never own up to how much they’re actually examining, obviously. It’s almost funny to think that you may have been unwittingly cataloged by a face recognition program via all the dumb selfies you’ve put on Twitter and Facebook. It’s downright mind boggling to think that some of my TBT photos are how I’ll be recognized in the future.

Have you ever been freaked out by how accurate Facebook and Google’s facial recognition programs are? It’s like they know me, man! In fact, Google and the N.S.A. are both claiming they have near-quantum computing, and that, my friends, is nearly Artificial Intelligence.  Read the entire NY Times article here.

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