The Revenant Official Trailer

Anyone who saw ‘Birdman’ knows that director Alejandro Iñárritu is damn near a genius. His latest movie,’The Revenant,’ might prove he is one without, a doubt.

Revenant? What the Hell does that mean? How do you say it? Listen Gus, if you paid attention to the only dialog in the clip, Leo explains it. Since you didn’t catch it, here’s a definition:

[rev-uh-nuh nt] – noun – 1) a person who returns. 2) a person who returns as a spirit after death; ghost.

I don’t know any more than you do at this point, but it’s pretty well known that Iñárritu shot the whole movie using nothing but natural light. That’s another huge technical feat and certainly never done on this scale before. Not to mention that this Pioneer(?) movie has amazing scenery, some brilliant cinematography and actors who really seem to be living it, whatever “it” is.

How about that bear, huh? It looks so real… it has to be CG, right? RIGHT???

The Revenant is slated to be relased on Christmas Day, 2015.

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